Our Council's Insurance Agent

Nathan Rolf (Council 1043 Agent)
C: 574-855-8474

Knights of Columbus
3609 East Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46615

Knights of Columbus St. Jude Council 1043

Knights of Columbus insurance has been “Making a Difference for Life” for more than 120 years. Since our founding in 1882, our primary mission has been to protect families against the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner. Today we do this, and help families secure their financial futures, through our top-rated portfolio of life insurance, long term care insurance and annuity products.
Insurance Products:

Permanent Plans – Policy lasts as long as you live, premium stays the same.
Term Plans – Policy ends at end of specified term: renewable or convertible.
Annuities – Provides an income that is guaranteed for life.
Long Term Care – Provides funds for long-term, out-of-hospital care.